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Designed by tuners for tuners.

chassis dynamometer

Excellent grip

The new TractionBoost roller technology provides up to twice the grip of previous roller technology. This advanced knurling is necessary to also measure up to electric and high-performance cars and supercars. Think about the future and take advantage of the EV+ dynamometer today.

Compare the new, bi-prismatic and the old, linear technology of knurling – the advantage is clear and proven. Keep tires cooler, avoid unnecessary slip.

EV+ dyno uses Japanese NTN bearings. We protect the rollers with rigid, industrial chrome and balance them perfectly—no vibrations or signs of ageing are guaranteed. Even after ten years, your EV+ dynamometer will look new.

linked chassis dynamometer

Doubled 4×4 synchronization


All our AWD (4×4) dynamometers have linked and synchronised rollers. However, the EV+ version also includes a highly improved design to permit high torque transfer between front and rear rollers. The new design of doubled Gates toothed belt is standard on the EV+. It is crucial when measuring electric cars with vast torque: Tesla, Porsche Taycan or Audi e-Tron. Don’t be left behind!

chassis dynamometer

Modularity is our motto

Already ten years ago, when we introduced our first fully modular dynamometer (EVO), we proved that it is an excellent idea so that you do not have to worry about the future. Your dynamometer grows with your business. Simple.

linked chassis dynamometer


You can upgrade the basic version to inertial AWD or add an eddy current brake, and in the AWD version, up to 4 brakes – a real monster!

linked chassis dynamometer eddy-current brake

No compromise

We use famous Telma brakes, chosen by the best manufacturers. The Telma induction braking systems are highly appreciated for their numerous benefits, proven safety, quality and value.

chassis dynamometer


Hundreds of our EVO dynamometers are well known for their trouble-free and safe operation. EV+ is a huge step ahead with design and safety. However, for double certainty, they are certified by TUV and DSMB. All are, of course, CE certified.




Available versions


The basic model in our offer. One-axle dyno, allowing for the measurement of power and torque in the inertial mode. A possibility of further upgrade to the braked version. The dyno is offered in mobile or in pit version.

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One axle dyno, equipped with the eddy current brake with maximal braking torque 800 Nm. It allows the measurement of power and torque in both inertial and braked modes, measurement of power on wheels in steady-state mode and road-mode testing of the car. A possibility of further upgrade to the VT-2/B2 version. The dyno is offered in mobile version or in-pit version.

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One axle dyno. It has the same measuring modes as VT-2/B1 but it is equipped with two eddy current brakes with maximum braking torque 1600 Nm – thanks to that we have the possibility of measuring cars up to 1000 HP. The dyno is offered in mobile version or in pit version.

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“Simply the best dynamometer on the market. Its grip is sufficient even for the narrow tyres of the BMW i3S.”

Jason, BMW Tuners Garage

“I don’t know better dynamometer software than supplied with the Vtechdyno (I switched from another dyno). And finally, durable rollers, not a wiping surface. (review concerns the EVO model)”

Martin Dorau

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linked chassis dynamometer
linked chassis dynamometer
linked chassis dynamometer

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